Make up Blog: Paul Revere and Samuel Adams Time Capsule UnEarthed

                          The British Are Coming !

Just kidding but thats what paul revere would have said back then, the article i bring you today is an astonishing find from 1795. On complete accident and not knowing construction workers repairing a water leak on the cornerstone on the Massachusetts State House. Not knowingly they dug right into the national treasure from 113 years ago.The contents of the box includes letters, papers, coins from the 1600’s and possibly more. They have not found all of the contents of the box just yet. They are saying that more news will be released next week. The Massachusetts State house was built in 1713, which means that the box has been there for a long long time. It was figured out by geologists that the box was unearthed in 1855, and the box was re-plastered with preserving glue. The coins found in the box was a mix from the 1600’s and then the 1850’s when it was found again 130 ish years after it was originally buried. But something interesting they did when they buried it was the box had been placed inside the solid gold lion head by samuel rogers, a local coppersmith and a assistant worker on the orignal build of the state house in 1713. This is a picture of the Gold lion that they had found buried underground. Also they did not have any idea that the capsule box was inside the lion head until a old descendant send them a letter alerting them to the find. After everything has been examined and looked at the box will have items and coins from our Era added to the box then resealed into the Gold Lion Head and be reinstated back into the ground. 

This is a picture of the CornerStone of the house where the Lion was found buried behind the stone wall. It had engravings on the rock from a long long time ago.


11/10/14 Eric Garner Case

                         Police Brutality at its finest

CNN’s latest top news report in the last week has struck the world with reality in the police guidelines. A New York police officer strikes fatality on a man accused of selling cigarettes illegally. Daniel Pantaleo crushed the windpipe of Eric Garner and reportabally put mr. garner in a chokehold.

Pictures show proof of eric being defenseless to the mob of police even sticking his right hand out while the other being restrained. Daniel Pantaleo is the yellow numbered T-Shirt with his arms clearly around garners neck squeezing with photo evidence of him flexing his biceps to endorse his windpipe. Pantaleo tells court officials that he never used a choke hold. But this picture shows something else.

Eric Garner died in early july, he was a family man and he got the dirty deed from the law. Garners last words were “I can’t Breathe!” showing distress in the sound of his voice as police pile on top of the man.

This chart shows you how corrupt our perfect democracy really is. Just becasue you become a police officer dosent mean you can do what ever you want. Pantaleo is under a 3 month investigation due to the homicide of garner. The officer claims he was just trying to use the takedown technique that the academy taught, but that was no take down that was murder.

Investigators started interviewing police members that were surrounding garner as well. Asking them deep questions of what they saw that day. What did garner ever do to pantaleo? He didnt even know the man. He looks like a father figure and a goofy old father. The police need to recall there Officers of the law for a recall on training day. The police department should be sued. Unless people are aloud to go around killing people for fun the grand theft auto, then this needs to stop. The law should be the example of what they want and expect out of us.

How Synthetic Drugs are possibly More dangeourous then real drugs?

Kids Are Getting into a new grind thats bad for the brain!

People today are coming up with constant new Designer Drugs that can be sold legally in stores today that will make you trip balls. What i would like to talk about today is what happened in Grand Forks, North Dakota. A popular Highschool starting quarterback named Christian Bjerk and his step brother Elijah Stai decieded needed to get some gas on a friday night and did not return home that night. They happened to run into some friends at the gas station.

Christian and Elijah decieded to go to a house party with their friends they ran into. One of the 4 friends had a bag of chocolate laced with a white powder. The boy told them that it was the extract of powerful hallucinogenic mushrooms. Elijah was nervous cause he did not expeirment with drugs before. All the boys decieded to go for it but they didnt win anything, except a trip to the coronors office.

When police found one of the 5 boys alive in the morning still tripping hard. He knew drugs were involved when the boy he found said this “The trees looked like cauliflowers like dancing around,” Justin recalled. “The sidewalks were swooping up and down like a roller coaster, and the grass was shooting up to the sky.”

Elijah’s body was found naked faced down on a public sidewalk, Elijah started having a violent reaction to the drug. He was convulsing uncontrollably, foaming at the mouth and hitting his head. By the time the ambulance arrived, Justin said he knew Elijah was gone.

Designer drugs need to become outlawed before another night happens like this to another group of people in a different place. These drugs can be purchased at local smoke shops and even some gas stations. You would never expect to find hallucinogenics right next to your pack of camel crushes. So next time dont snort the magic turtle its not going to end well.

Current Event: Possible Illegal Drug Use in NFL?

images (1)CNN’s Kevin Dotson had written a report about the Agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration interviewed doctors and trainers of several NFL teams after their game Sunday, part of an investigation into allegations of illegal dispensing of prescription drugsnfldrugs

The DEA investigation stems from allegations in a lawsuit filed by 1,300 former NFL players that the league illegally provided powerful painkillers and other prescription drugs to keep them on the field.
The named players in the lawsuit include former Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon who, according to the lawsuit, says he got hooked on painkillers by taking as many as 100 Percocet pills a month.
The players’ suit accuses NFL trainers of handing out pills without prescriptions and without regard to possible dangerous interactions with other drugs. But McMahon was not the only person to most likely be addicted to pain killers if the whole NFL because the DEA had searched the San Francisco 49’ers,images
Other allegations include that drugs were being administered by staff — specifically athletic trainers — lacking the licenses to do so. If true, these actions would violate the Controlled Substances Act. After the investigation on the niners came up clean, the DEA and NFL board “Checked In” with Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Baltimore-WashingtonAirport.



images (1)

Restriction of Flying for the Greater Good

During the recent health crisis of Ebola, which is an infectious and generally fatal disease marked by fever and severe internal bleeding, spread through contact with body fluids, concerns and questions have arisen on should the world collectively as a whole quarentine the nations affected with Ebola. Every day people who could have a high risk of contracting Ebola fly out of Africa, where it originated, and can contaminate the world. One article by has researched this issue at hand. This article says that even though screening at the airports are done in these countries there is still a high risk that screening may not work.

A Canadian news source however published an article condemning the use of restrictions to flight in the countries affected because it would overall harm them. Somehow the article states that the restriction of flight could leave many nations vulnerable to a domino effect where they would run the risk of being affected.“There is a great danger that excessive travel restrictions could disrupt supply chains of necessary food, people, medicine and equipment to help fight the epidemic and cause severe economic hardship,” states Dr. Kamran Kahn, of St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. This doctor states that the restriction would be harmful in combating the virus itself and not help contain it.
Many countries have already put heavy restrictions on people originating from the affected countries and this website has published the long list of restrictions set by countries whom have been frightened by the growth and rapid affectivity of the virus. International.sos

U.S Foreign Policy

foreign_policy_cartoonForeign Policy the way that a nation will handle affairs with other nations across the globe. Different nations have all different kinds of policy and tactics that they use to trade, control, and attack other nations. In the U.S Government Congress, the vice president and the President himself will decide what to focus on to better the Nation.

There are several goals of Foreign policy, all of these are different way our government focuses on relationships with other nations.

  • Humanitarian Relief
  • Protecting Human Rights
  • Stopping Aggression
  • Establishing Democracy
  • National Security
  • Economic Interests of U.s
  • Preserving World Peace

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Studies have shown that are government focuses more on protecting our nation from terrorist attacks, protecting our american jobs and preventing spread of weapons of mass destruction. These are the top three priorities and sometimes they will conflict with other ideas, and our leaders will have to make a decision on which is more important.

Foreign policy is vary important because we need to be able to have a system to communicate and work with other nations. We can either choose to ignore everybody else and be in an Isolation state or be a global power and be present all over the world, like america is today.

I think that foreign policy should focus on protecting the citizens and our financial stability. I do not think that we should be forcing democracy on people, but instead offer help where wanted. I can see how humanitarian help is majorly important, but we must also be careful not to over step out place, and try to take over the world with democracy.

This video will help you remember how the different types of Foreign policy


Gerrymandering is the act of redistricting to make the voters in your favor. Every ten years a census is made and determines the population, so that different districts can be made to fill the appointed seat positions.

Gerrymandering was invented by Governor Elbridge Gerry in Boston Gazette on 26th of March 1812. The word Gerrymandering was made because one of his districts looked like a salamander. The district just kind of looked like one but was designed so that a certain voting group would win the majority of that district, so that their vote will have a higher chance of winning.

In my opinion I feel that Gerrymandering is corrupt and that there should be some time of system to eliminate the processes all together.

There are several methods used to make the numbers of voters per district in the advantage of a senator.

This picture shows how the majority of the voters can be easily changed by the way a district is drawn. As you can see if the districts are drawn evenly, then the votes are even. But if the districts are drawn in odd patterns, the number of voters begins to take an advantage on one side.

If a national system was put into place, then the voting of new senates would be more in the hands of the people, and not manipulated by the corrupt senators. The way that the votes are done now are in the hand of the elected and not the hand of the people.

Political Socialization

Political socialization is the way to come by our politics. If you are a republican growing up its most likely that someone in your family is already one which his or her beliefs grow upon you. That is just one way that you can come by your political socialization. There are many ways you can acquire what type of belief you can come by. For example, where you work ? Or maybe who you surround yourself by? Most people are always changing their thoughts on what they want to be from the ages of (12-30). Political cognition, every mental process which may be described as knowing. This is a big deal in politics, Why? Because you must know who you are casting your
vote upon.
This is a picture of the two biggest party, on the left we have the republicans and on the right we have the democrats. There difference is that republicans like a not as strong central government and the democrats like a more central powered government. America is almost 50/50 when it comes to who is who. Most republicans are rural residents and reside more in the south, but for the democrats they mainly reside in residential ares such as the city. 
Here is a video to help you understand more about the two partys and all the others things you could be considering what your thought is about the belief.

28th amendment post

The constitution, a long list of a bunch of rules we are obligated to follow. It can be described in a few ways but the constitution protects are rights as americans! In our constitution we have this list called the 27 amendments. These amendments justify our rights, one of our more controversial amendments is the 2nd amendment which is the right to bear arms. This is always being discussed in politics and should maintain to be our right. Weapons should be only left in the hands of good people who won’t do bad with the freedom of being aloud to wield a handgun ect… Another amendment would be the 3rd amendment which says you do not have to house or quarter soldiers in you home during anytime. I say it is your home and you can have soldiers if you want too but you also have the choice to not shelter them. This right is not discussed much because soldiers haven’t been in need of a resident to shelter them for a long time. The british made this amendment simply because of the red coats. Besides those two amendments another important one to our society is amendment 8, which is means that we cannot receive inhumane punishments. For example you cannot be sentenced to death for running a red light. This is a good amendment because it keeps the society civil and at peace. The last important amendment to me is number 13, which is the right to have slavery abolished! We are all human and should be treated equally disregarding skin color. This is one of the most important amendments in the 27 because how can america move on and change without fairness all around? 


My 28th amendment

Society has come along way, what I’m trying to say is that everyone has changed since the 70 and 80’s era and have adapted to the new technological 21st century. While everything is still advancing the world is still getting older. As a 28th amendment i would say stricter littering laws and no more burning of fossil fuels and more things to help the earth last longer and cleaner. The world will one day run out of resources and we will have nothing left on this planet except old memories. The more everyone starts to make the world a greener place and care about the environment is when our grand childrens , children can still enjoy a life on earth before it is completely depleted. The law for littering should be raised to $5,000 dollars and community service to teach people that you just can’t throw your empty plate of food on the ground. This concludes my topic of my “28th Amendment”.